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How to Apply for Tax Exemptions Related to the Indian Act

If you are eligible under the Indian Act, you may claim an exemption of the HST for goods and services supplied on a reserve.
Eligible residents in Ontario or on the Canadian side of the Akwesasne reserve may also claim an exemption for qualifying goods and services acquired off a reserve. The off-reserve exemption only applies to the 8% Ontario component of the HST. Goods such as mobile phones and HD PVRs, for example, as well as telecommunications services qualify for the exemption.
When claiming any tax exemption, you need to provide a copy of your Certificate of Indian Status Card issued by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.
To Submit a Claim for Tax Exemption:
  1. Download our tax exempt request form and fill out your information (using Adobe Reader).
  2. Save your completed form to your phone or computer (to send by email) or print if you want to mail it.
  3. Send us the completed form and a copy of your tax exemption certificate (e.g. Indian Status Card, front and back) by email or mail.

Email to: (only PDF files please) finance@nrbn.ca

Mail to:
Niagara Regional Broadband Network
4343 Morrison Street, 2nd Floor
Niagara Falls, ON
L2E 6Z9

Note: You need to pay the full amount of your bill, including taxes, until your application is approved. Once your application is approved, future taxes will not be applied to your account.

Learn more about the Ontario First Nations Point-of-Sale Exemptions on the HST.
Learn more about the Indian Status from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.