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Fibre Internet

Get on Niagara’s network and experience the power of full Fibre.

How does Fibre Help?

Is there anything more stressful than a slow connection? Imagine you’re joining a conference call while you’re home with family: Your spouse is in the middle of uploading vacation photos to Facebook, and your children are currently streaming videos, playing Xbox, and surfing the web on their many devices. You’re all competing for the best signal, but everyone’s grumbling about the slow Internet.
Having multiple users and devices connected to your Wi-Fi drastically affects the speed of your home’s Internet—the bandwidth just can’t keep up.
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Enter Full Fibre

Now, you can host video calls with family, your spouse can upload and share work documents, and
your children can stream movies, shows, and even game online without slowing down your
connection. You can keep streaming, chatting, and uploading without going over on data.


Stream, post, and
download on multiple
devices without running
out of data, which
means you can work, play,
and stay connected!


Increase productivity and
meet your deadlines! Last
minute uploads? No
problem: access cloud
files, e-mail storage, and
share documents fast.

Remote Workers

Beat telecommuter traffic
with a high-speed fibre optic
connection. Worried
about additional devices
slowing you down? We’ve
got packages for that, all with
unlimited data.


Did you know a fibre optic
connection can increase your
home’s value? In addition
to being fast and reliable,
fibre optic Internet is low-
maintenance and

Don’t let slow Internet stand
in your way: Get an incredibly
fast connection that keeps
everyone happy.