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Fibre Internet

Get on Niagara’s network and experience the power of full Fibre.

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How Fibre Works

Fibre optic cables are thin, glass “Fibres” that are bundled together. These cables transmit light signals that carry coded information to and from your devices. Because Fibre optics literally operates at the speed of light, Fibre optic networks can carry massive amounts of information and deliver them at incredibly fast speeds.

Why Fibre?

Fibre-optic signals can travel up to 10 times farther than most cables, which limits connection interference.

Fibre provides near limitless capacity and is unequivocally faster than DSL, cable, and wireless Internet.

We supply users with different packages and can make recommendations based on your own unique needs, making Fibre ideal for large households.

Don’t let slow Internet stand
in your way! Get an incredibly
fast connection that keeps
everyone happy.