Fibre Optic Internet

1. Is service available in my area?

To check your service availability, please enter your address into the form on our Fibre Packages page.

2. How can I change my current plan?

If you want to upgrade your service, please contact fibre@nrbn.ca or  1 (833) 633-3638 discuss your plans with you. All services can be upgraded remotely.

3. Isn't all Internet the same?

A wired Internet connection like our fibre Internet service is typically faster and more reliable because the fibre cable is directly connected to our network and transmits signals at the speed of light.

By comparison, wireless Internet connects to a receiver (i.e., satellite dish) on the roof. This receiver communicates to a tower to provide you with Internet access. While slightly more expensive, it’s accessible to homes in remote locations.

Our fibre Internet connection is much faster and more reliable than wireless Internet.

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4. Can't only buildings in the city get fibre?

In the past fibre Internet has certainly been more accessible in city centres. This is already changing. One of NRBN’s goals is to connect the rural areas of the Niagara Region with fibre Internet. As we grow so does our fibre optic network.

5. It's a hassle to switch.

Think about the reasons why you’re considering switching providers. Do you want a faster download speed? Lower monthly rates? No surprises? Better customer service? No contract?

We can help you determine which package best suits your lifestyle. Our technicians also provide a smooth transition during installation and are available on site to answer any of your questions regarding the service.

6. Will fibre Internet be compatible with my existing devices?

Most Smart Home technology and devices like alarm systems, thermostats, mobile phones, and laptop computers will run smoothly with our fibre Internet technology. To find out if your devices will be compatible, please contact the manufacturer.

7. Which speed is best for me?

Your choice of internet speed will be influenced by many factors, including:

  • The number of users and devices connected.
  • How often or how much each person uses the network for activities including but not limited to gaming, streaming, and downloading.
  • Any material interference between the Fibre Hub itself and where you’re located. The material of walls, doors, insulation, furniture, will all affect the Wi-Fi signal.

The speeds we advertise represent the total bandwidth available across multiple devices using a wired connection. Maximum speed is contingent on end-user technology. For example, some TVs are only capable of up to 100 Mbps speed, so a speed test even if you have 1Gbps speed would result in a speed test of around 60-80 Mbps for that device. If you were to downgrade from 1 Gbps to 100 Mbps, the TV speed in this scenario might decrease to 50-60 Mbps because of the number of other devices connected.

8. Is there a monthly usage cap?

Our residential Internet packages include unlimited data usage with no overage charges.

9. Is fibre Internet expensive?

Our fibre Internet is priced competitively and realistically. Connect with either a 2-Year or No Term agreement to customize the price of your Internet package.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our team at fibre@nrbn.ca or call 1 (833) 633-3638, option 1.