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    1. What channels does NRBN offer in the NRBN TV service?

    To view a full list of channels, please visit our NRBN TV Packages page.

    2. How do I program my TV remote?

    Our Remote Control Guide provides shows you the functions of your remote and steps to program your remote.

    3. How many set-top boxes (STBs) can I get?

    We currently offer up to 3 STBs for your NRBN TV connection.  Fibre optic Internet is required for NRBN TV as it is an IP TV connection.

    4. Can I temporarily suspend my NRBN TV service?

    Yes, you can suspend your NRBN TV service for minimum 4 weeks to a maximum of 6 months.

    Please provide minimum 30 days notice to suspend your service. A suspension fee will be applied, see "Schedule A" in our Terms and Conditions for details. Contact our team at fibre@nrbn.ca or 1 (877) 331-6726.

    5. Can I record multiple TV shows at one time with the Cloud DVR function?

    You can! There is a limit of 6 shows at once. 

    6. How can I turn on/off the TV subtitles and captions?

    On the remote button press "Menu" > press "Settings" > enter "Display Settings" > choose "Captioning" > select "Closed Captioning" > now you can toggle it on/off. Then go to the bottom of the menu and there should be a menu that says save.

    7. Is there a channel guide available?

    Yes! You can download the NRBN TV Channel Guide here on our website.

    8. Can I get wireless TV?

    Yes! NRBN offers wireless TV through our Roku app. Follow our guide to download the NRBN TV app to your Roku device, then contact our Support team to activate your service.

    Don't have a Roku device? Find one using Roku's website.

    Need Help?

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our team at fibre@nrbn.ca or call 1 (833) 633-3638, option 1.